Outdoor living areas that are living rooms on the world, tables and chairs inspiring relax and comfort, accessories designed to live the space in a complete and functional way.

These are Talenti’s products: products in which design and research come together to create original and innovative objects.


Talenti realizes furnishings that are first of all original in their form: they are always refined lines that do not exist anywhere in the market, do not resemble anything, they are furniture with authentic shapes that reflects a minimal and elegant style. It is thanks to the designers who choose and are chosen by Talenti, who share the company philosophy and give prestige to the collections: thanks to their genius they deliver products that become real life styles.


The materials interact with the environment and have important features: they are stronger and resistant to UV rays and sudden temperature changes, they are water and fire proof. Fabrics, textiles, aluminum, steel, textilene and wood are shaped and used to become the expression of great outdoor design.

Passion and care are the driving force of every piece of furniture or accessory created by the Company.


At Talenti every professional, from the production to the management, from the marketing to the logistic offices, carries out his work with great dedication and love; at Talenti even if there are no starting times all arrive on time, they are reliable and trustworthy people, they work so hard on projects that they do not feel the time passing while they dedicate themselves to them.


Starting from the letterhead used in the fairs in which it participates, Talenti takes care of everything with the same dedication and attention. Elegance and uniqueness go through the details.
It means to solve technical problems but also make designers fall in love with an idea, Talenti always thinks about people working in its projects and about those who will use them.

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