Dining Chair

ICON Collectie

1-George Dining armchair talenti outdoor exclusieve tuinstoelen

George Dining armchair

2-Argo Wood Dining chair

Argo//Wood Dining chair

Argo//Alu dining armchair

Argo//Alu dining armchair

4-Cruise Teak Dining chair talenti-outdoor

Cruise//Teak Dining chair

5-Cruise Alu Dining armchair

Cruise//alu Dining armchair

6-Cliff Dining Armchair

Cliff Dining Armchair

7-Casilda Dining Armchair

Casilda Dining Armchair

8-Casilda Dining Chair

Casilda Dining Chair

9-Casilda Bar Stool

Casilda Bar Stool

10-Leaf Dining chair

Leaf Dining chair

11-Riviera Director chair

Riviera Director chair

12-Scacco Dining armchair

Scacco Dining armchair

13-CleoSoft Wood Padded tube chair

CleoSoft//Wood Padded tube chair

14-Cottage Dining armchair

Cottage Dining armchair

15-Domino Dining director Chair

Domino Dining director Chair

PREMIUM Collectie

1-Coral dining chair van talenti-Outdoor.nl

Coral dining chair

2-Coral Dining Armchair

Coral Dining Armchair

3-Coral Bar Stool

Coral Bar Stool

4-Slam Dining armchair

Slam Dining armchair

5-Frame Dining armchair

Frame Dining armchair

6-Malè Dining chair

Malè Dining chair

7-Panama dining Chair

Panama dining Chair

8-Panama Bar Stool

Panama Bar Stool

9-Panama Egg chair with base

Panama Egg chair with base

10-Panama Egg chair with structure

Panama Egg chair with structure

11-CleoSoft Alu Padded tub chair

CleoSoft//Alu Padded tub chair

12-Moon Teak Dining Armchair

Moon//Teak Dining Armchair

13-Moon Teak Dining Chair

Moon//Teak Dining Chair

14-Moon Teak Bar Stool

Moon//Teak Bar Stool

15-Moon Alu Dining Armchair

Moon//Alu Dining Armchair

16-Moon Alu Dining Chair

Moon//Alu Dining Chair

17-Moon Alu Stool

Moon//Alu Stool

18-Milo Dining Armchair

Milo Dining Armchair

19-Alabama Alu Dining Armchair

Alabama//Alu Dining Armchair

20-Trocadero Dining Armchair

Trocadero Dining Armchair

21-Trocadero Dining Chair

Trocadero Dining Chair

22-Trocadero Bar Stool

Trocadero Bar Stool